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Excite your kids with the ability to change the world around them! It is our mission to facilitate positive connections through meaningful relationships within their community, instill confidence to pursue their passions, recognize their purpose and how to use their knowledge and unique skill-set in the real world. 


School Administrators:
My Art House Studio is a proud vendor with Chicago Public Schools. We offer a wide variety of interactive in-school and after-school enrichment through dance, art, and creative movement to help shape the youth of today into the creators of tomorrow.

We work alongside teachers and school administrators to design and deliver programming based on the goals and curriculum of the school, while ensuring our onsite classes are 100% student-driven. Children will leave energized with fun dance moves, art techniques, and the priceless confidence gained by trying something new. They will learn collaborative teamwork, respect, critical thinking and how to handle anything that comes their way with grace and resiliency.


Caring for our diverse Chicago community ranks high on our list, and we are constantly participating in professional development trainings to give our students the most up-to-date teaching techniques that will enhance their knowledge, boost their creativity and activate their purpose. Click HERE to view our programing. 

If on-site workshops are not ideal for your child, we provide exciting YouTube and Patreon video classes for pre-k to 2nd grade as well. Our captivating videos are supported by many years of experience, taught by engaging and passionate instructors and are thoughtful, age-appropriate, educational, and extremely effective in stimulating their creativity. The possibilities are endless! They can learn various styles of dance, let out bottled up energy through creative movement and get their hands dirty with innovative crafts! We foster a collaborative online environment that encourages their love for creating and learning that they will carry with them for their entire lives. 

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