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My Art House Studio is a proud partner with Chicago Public Schools. We offer a wide variety of high quality in-school and after-school enrichment through dance, art, and creative movement classes for kids pre-k through high school. Our classes prioritize building emotionally intelligent and confident kids to be the leaders and creators of their community. All classes are offered to kids of all abilities and levels. 



Our dance program is a great way to keep kids active and creative outside of school hours. We can provide genre specific classes such as Ballet, Hip Hop, K-Pop, Jazz, Musical Theatre, etc or we can provide broad base classes that visit the basics of these genres throughout the course of a program. These classes can be adjusted for any grade or age group. 


Arts & Crafts

Each week, students will get to experience a different art form such as origami, cross stitching, painting, and more. Art has the power to help students release anxious thoughts, find a creative outlet, and develop fine motor skills. These classes can be adjusted for any grade or age group. 

After-School Programs


Experiential Anatomy

This school year, we are partnering with Chicago State University's Occupational Therapy Program. This class will explore the ins and outs of the human structure through movement and anatomy. Students don't just learn what a tendon or ligament is but how to take care of it and what it can really do! This program is ideal for any school with active or athletic students. This program is only available on Tuesdays.


Story Time Dance

Looking to deepen your students' love of reading? Bring their own stories to life! This program was the recent winner of the Creative Schools Fund Grant through Ingenuity. Each class works together to create, write, and perform their very own story. Students are then able to take home their self-made books at the end of the program. This program works well for Kindergarten-2nd Grade.

In-School Programs


STEAM Integration

Are you or are you looking to become a certified STEAM school? Let us help you put the A in STEAM! Our STEAM-centered classes offer students a chance to mix design, problem solving, and creativity into one class. Each week students are given exploratory dance assignments that can parallel their current STEAM lessons. For example: one week we explore and discuss opposites and how they appear in dance. Another Example: students are given a choreographic assignment that explores patterns. This program can be adjusted for any grade.


History in Motion

Give your history lesson a twist! In this program students get a deeper understanding of the time period they're studying by learning the social dances of that era. Much like art, dance history is greatly intertwined with the culture of any given place and time. If you're students are studying the Civil Rights Movement, we'll provide an introductory class into the Jitterbug and Lindy Hop and the underlying racial segregation between the styles. Or if you're studying WWI, we can explore how economic class determined what social dances were a part of your movement vocabulary. This program is ideal 3rd grade and older. 


Creative Movement

We know those little ones are always wiggling. Let us turn those wiggles into a fun class! This integrated class uses age appropriate themes for pre-k and kinder to make learning four dimensional and help strengthen gross motor skills, executive function, and emotional intelligence.



We give students the tools and guidance to create their own dance from start to finish. They'll learn how to make solos, duets, group dances, and how the structure of a dance can really tell a story. This is a wonderful opportunity for kids to find their voice as both leaders and creators. This class is great for 3rd grade and older. 

Don't see what you're looking for? Let us know!

These are just a few of the programs we bring to Chicago Public Schools each year. Many of our programs are designed to fit the specific needs of each school. Email us at and we'll design a program just right for you.

Please note: All after-school programs are offered during school as well.

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