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Terms & Agreements 

Edgewater Playhouse COVID Protocols (In-Person Classes)

  • Spring Session Covid-19 Protocols for Classes

  • 1-Adult per family will be permitted to enter the facility. Non-participating siblings will be permitted to stay to observe class if they can remain in your seating area. If they must move about, we would ask that you leave and return at the end of class.

  • Face masks will be optional for all participants, adult and child.

  • Edgewater Playhouse staff will continue to wear a face mask when guests are present.

  • Adults will be asked to use hand sanitizer that is located at the front desk before proceeding to their seat. All seats are placed 6′ apart.

  • The instructor will wear a face mask.

  • The instructor will dismiss the participants 1 at a time.

  • Daily cleaning and disinfecting of the facility is scheduled and done as needed throughout the day.

  • Edgewater Playhouse and guests will be expected to commit to the responsibility of contact tracing. You will be informed if we learn that we have been exposed to Covid-19 and we ask the same of our guests to inform us.

  • If your child must quarantine for school exposure, they may not return to class until they are cleared to return to school.

  • We are unable to prorate for planned absences. You may schedule a class make-up for planned absences.

  • We ask that you do inform us as soon as possible if your child will miss class so we can offer your spot as a class make-up option for another family on that date.

  • If you or your child show symptoms of illness, please stay home and schedule a class make-up. We want to keep from spreading ANY illness during these stressful times. 

  • As impersonal as this all sounds, we still plan to have FUN!

  • (Spring session Covid-19 safety protocols may be revised if community transmission reaches a moderate to high level.)

The Rooted Space COVID Protocols

The Rooted Space Studio will be taking the following precautions during the COVID pandemic: 

  • Disinfecting all door handles, barres, and other touch areas after each class 

  • Masks are optional for students and parents, teachers will continue to be masked

  • Studio is equipped with hand sanitizer 

  • Filtration system used to filter air through the heater

  • Fans used to circulate air

  • Due to the small space in The Rooted Space Studio lobby, we will use the hallway in order to safely social distance 

  • Upon arrival to The Rooted Space hallway, you may wait with your student socially distanced in the hallway.

  • The teacher will dismiss your student one at a time so that they can meet you in the hallway safety and exit the building

  • If you are feeling sick in any way, you MUST stay home.

  • COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease that is spread via droplets to the nose, mouth and eyes. Close proximity to other people, raises your risk for exposure. Choosing to attend classes at The Rooted Space during this time assumes your understanding and acceptance of these risks. 

  • If you or your dancer does test positive for COVID-19 and has been in class, you must inform The Rooted Space staff immediately so we can begin emergency cleaning measures and connect with the CDC on guidelines.

Payment/Cancelation Policy

All classes with My Art House Studio, LLC must be paid in full in advance through our online booking system in order to participate. We do not accept cash, checks, or direct payments (Venmo, Zelle etc).

All Six Week Sessions can be fully refunded 48 hours before the first class. After this 48 hour threshold, you will receive a 50% refund of the price paid. There are no refunds for individual weeks missed in a 6 Week Session. Please view our Absence/Sickness Policy for more.If you are unable to attend class, you may attend another class that same week if one is available. Please email us at and we will do our best to reschedule. All refunds will go back to the card or platform it was originally purchased on. We cannot send refunds to a different platform or card.

Absence/Sickness Policy

We understand things happen and we will work with families to accommodate those less than ideal circumstances as best we can. If a child misses a class, they may make the class up the following week or take a class of the same monetary value or less; as long as it’s age appropriate. This make-up class must take place within 14 days of the absence. For the safety of all in involved, we do not record live classes for absent students.

For 10 Week Sessions: It is strongly encouraged that students and families do their best to attend every class during these sessions. Many lessons build upon the previous week and missing a week could result in students feelings left behind or confused. There are no refunds for individual weeks in a 10 Week Session. 

If a teacher is unable to teach a class, we will notify all participating families immediately and do our best to find a reliable and trustworthy replacement. In the very unlikely event that this happens, students will receive a make-up date for the class missed (typically one week after the end of the session) or a single class credit for another session. 

Recording Policy 
To keep all students, families, and faculty safe and secure, students, parents, and families are strictly forbidden to record any and all My Art House Studio classes or events at any point in time. If we receive actionable information that this policy is being compromised, it may result in legal action and/or a complete removal from current and future My Art House Studio classes and events. This includes but is not limited to any transcript, video, or audio recordings.

Privacy/Sharing Policy (Online Classes)

We work tirelessly to create unique, fun, and effective classes based on our earned degrees, certifications, and continued education. All of which come at as financial cost meant to be recouped through teaching. By sharing any private link, room code, or password with someone who did not pay for our classes, you are devaluing all of our hard work and time. That is why it is strictly forbidden to share any links, codes, or passwords given to our registered families. Doing so will result in immediate removal of the class with no refund and no access to future My Art House Studio classes or events. All classes on Zoom will have a waiting room. Once your name has been verified on our list of registered students, you will be let in. 

We do our best to offer free events, livestreams, and drop-in classes for those unable to afford our classes. If you know someone who is eager to take class but is unable to pay, please have them email us and we will work with them to get their tuition covered. 

Anti-Bullying/Discrimination Policy

My Art House Studio recognizes that every child has the right to enjoy a life free from bullying or discrimination; therefore we will always take seriously all allegations of bullying discrimination or any threat of safety and are committed to deal with it effectively when it does happen. We will always endeavor to work with students and parents to prevent it from happening. All Zoom chats are public to the entire class and will be monitored by the instructor. If a student or parent continues to create a hostile and/or unsafe environment in or outside of our classes or events, they will be removed from the class with no refund and will not be allowed to participate in future classes or events.
Bullying, discrimination or threat to safety includes but is not limited to:
-Ridiculing or negatively commenting on other students for their creative choices or class participation
-Ridiculing or negatively commenting on a student’s or teacher’s appearance or their home
-Ridiculing or negatively commenting on a student’s or teacher’s religion or economic status
-Any and all racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic, transphobic, antisemitic or xenophobic behavior

-Any physical touch that is unwanted or without consent or that may cause serious damage

Health and Safety

My Art House Studio takes seriously their responsibility to ensure the health and safety of all participants, teachers, and volunteers; and takes appropriate measures to make sure the environment is safe for all.

Dance, crafts, and creative movement are an active engagement as is any hobby, and while every effort is made to avoid them, injuries can happen. My Art House Studio accepts no responsibility for injuries sustained during, outside of, or as a result of any class. My Art House Studio will never ask students to endanger themselves by destroying personal property or putting themselves in harms way. By participating in our classes, you are agreeing to take full responsible for any personal injuries or property damage that happens during, outside of, or as a result of any My Art House Studio classes or events. 

Overall Agreement

By participating in any My Art House Studio classes or events, you are agreeing to adhere and uphold the policies and agreements listed above. 

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