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welcome to my art house studio!


We offer a thoughtful space which allows children to expand their creativity through dance, art, and movement; while learning life-long critical thinking skills and engaging in exciting, new experiences. 

what we do

My Art House Studio offers high-quality multi-faceted enrichment via onsite learning and engaging online content for pre-k to high school students. It is our purpose to enhance in-school and extra-curricular programming to positively influence children beyond our brief time with them. Our experienced and passionate instructors provide a series of educational workshops and year long programming that will encourage a child’s confidence, foster innovative thinking, and instill important problem-solving techniques.

Our professional instructors support young people in building their artistic voices, shaping their passions, and harnessing the power of their imaginations as they explore the many appealing facets of integrated art and dance. Our collaborative learning programs are specifically designed to be culturally responsive and teach kids how to think outside of the box and create modern solutions that will constructively impact their lives and communities. 


  • Fridays | 6-8:30pm | Ages 3.5 - 7pm

    50 US dollars
  • 8am - 3pm | Ages 3.5 - 7

    75 US dollars

  • Ended
    250 US dollars
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